Saturday, October 6, 2007


It was a little humid and a little warm, but it was a pretty easy 6 miles this morning, wasn't it? That's a distance you know you can handle, and you did it! Everybody did a good job today.

Except I forgot to bring copies of the Frost Toes schedule and copies of the information sheet for folks who haven't filled one out.

If you want me to email you a schedule, or if you simply want to be sure you're part of the email updates every week, click here and send me an email.

Tuesday night we're back in Washington Park for a hill workout led by Dwayne Blisset. Join us at 5:30 at the shelter near the playground if you can.


Dwayne said...

For tonight I thought that we would do a repeat of last week's hill workout with a little longer warmup followed by 4 hills then a cool down back to the shelter.

Anne B said...

That was a good workout last night. It's so nice to have some cooler temps.