Monday, October 29, 2007

Tuesday & Thursday Plans

Tuesday - Another hill combination workout, this time we will run the Carillon hill and the hill leading up to the shelter.

Thursday - This is my first attempt at using the USATF running route site. I've ran this route before but couldn't find a map for it.

Thursday's Route

The route will take us down the hill from the shelter, up to Feldkamp and down to SHG. If the track is open, we can run a lap on the track then head back to the park and complete the Washington park loop back to the shelter. The course is only about 4 miles, but anyone who wants to can add an extra half mile by including the Williams Blvd loop.

We will meet at the Washington park shelter at 5:30 both nights.

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Joy said...

Good luck to all who are running at Utica for the Canal Connection 10K! It is a great course and usually allows for some PR's. I'll be there so I hope to see those who go. Have fun w/ the 11 miler!