Thursday, November 1, 2007

Are we getting T-shirts or what?

Hey, what's up with the darned T-shirts?

I have to apologize for the delay on this. Anne Baker gave me a great design for the shirts about a year ago and I've been putzing around ever since. BUT, I can report that I've now got a vendor who can deliver the black, long-sleeve, moisture wicking shirts by Thanksgiving AND he's ready for me to provide sizes and quantities.

Sooooo . . . I have to ask you to email me again and tell me that you want to buy a T-shirt. Put "Shirt Order" in the subject line, tell me your full name, and tell me the size(s) and quantity of each size that you want.

The price is still a bit up in the air, but it will be $17 or less for each shirt. Details on who to make out checks to later on.

I know I owe you a route for Saturday's 11-mile run. That's coming real soon now!

Update: Here's the route:

If you would rather stick with 10 miles, just turn around at Washington Park and head back. The loop through the park gives us an extra mile. There will be water in the park; water and Gatorade at FitClub West.

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