Friday, November 2, 2007

Good luck to traveling Toes!

I just wanted to get a post on the blog quickly to wish all the luck to our Frost Toes traveling to Utica and running the Canal Connection 10k on Sunday. Tear 'em up, Toes!

Run strong, and put in a few extra miles if you get the chance!


Anonymous said...

Hey Barry, what is on the plan for the next two Saturdays? I think I might be able to join you guys. 7:00, right?


Jen said...

Sorry to miss the group run today. Hope to see alot of FTs in Utica tomorrow! If anyone is interested, Judy and I are tacking on extra miles after the race, all are welcome to join in!

Hey Pam, it will be great to see you out and about again. BTW, what vendor did you use for your marathon t-shirts and were you happy? We need to get team shirts for the river to river relay. Looking for a good printer who will do a small number, all customized with our names and our team name and logo. Any advice?

Jenni G

Anonymous said...

Hey just wondering if anyone is carpooling to the race tomorrow?

barry said...


Next Saturday is 6 miles starting at Panera at 7 am. The following Saturday we're running the Frostbite course, all 10 miles, starting at FitClub at 7 am.

I guess you could come along--LOL--we'd LOVE to have you!

Anonymous said...

Jenny, we got our shirts from They were cheap and they felt great. As for the printing, we went to a place by the Fitclub South. I'll have Russ blog because I don't know the name of the vendor.

Barry, I'm so glad you guys are just doing 6 miles because I'm only up to 4.5. See ya Saturday!

P.S. How did everyone do in Utica?


Anonymous said...

Without headphones I could hear the roar of the Utica crowd and the channting"run faster old grayhaired man" coming into the finishing shute. That along with a strong west wind and perfect temps made for a great race. Several of us SRRC runners were able to snag some of the Utica prize loot.

Tim Mu

Emily K said...

OMG! Tim I heard them yelling for you and I had headphones on!!!! They must have known you were going to place in your age group!

Great job to the SRRC and to all that placed! We all did so awesome today! What a gorgeous course! I will definitely be back!!!

Jen said...

I liked Utica too. First time for me. Very pretty. Little crowded where we were (at the end) but the weather turned out nice. Freezing at the start line. I was thinking I needed gloves and long pants in the wind, but ended up shedding most of my layers right off. Saw lots of familiar faces! Long drive, tho. All day affair.

Thanks for running the extra with me Judy and Mara! Felt good to FINALLY get in a long run. I'm behind due to traveling, but I'm back and ready to go long on Saturday, too. Anyone else up for 10? Thought I would tack on the trail to the picnic tables and back.

Thanks Pam for the info. If you are running Sat with the group, (and if I can keep up with ya) we can talk more.

Tracy L. said...

I really enjoyed the Utica race. Agree with everyone that it was FREEZING at the start, but it did warm up quickly once we got going. The course along the water was very pretty.


Mara said...

You are quite welcome Jenni. I am just glad that I was able to run with someone especially since I did not know where to stop and turn around. I might be up for 10 on Sat. I just have to check my schedule. I will let you know. How fast will you run. Oh, I guess I can talk to you tonight.