Monday, September 28, 2009

Less tha a week to go?

Oops, I really meant to post over the weekend and didn't get to it. Can you believe that Frost Toes starts Saturday?

Wasn't Abe's Amble just a couple weeks ago?

It's not too late to register for the Heroes Run, which is our first Frost Toes run. Click here to register if you haven't yet.

Someone has already asked whether there will be anyone running a 14-minute pace. The only answer I can give you is: Probably. Each year we get people running with the Toes who have never run farther than 10k, and many of them are really scared that the whole group is going to run away and leave them in the dust.

That has never happened, and it never will.

One of the great things about the Frost Toes group--and most groups that I've trained with--is that we all look out for each other. That's because we all share the same goal--get our best possible performance in a particular race. For a lot of us, "best performance" means simply crossing the finish line upright. That's especially true at a distance like 10 miles on a course as challenging as the Frostbite Festival course.

The pirates' code may well be "Who falls behind gets left behind," but the Frost Toes Code is "Who falls behind gets help."

So if you're slow, don't worry. There WILL be at least one other runner at that pace. Me.


Anonymous said...

hey barry - at some point and somewhere i saw a form that you wanted filled out and brought to you. i am not sure where i saw this, does it need to be filled out for tomorrow and will you have more? thanks...looking forward to the frost toes kickoff! thanks for doing it again this year =-) Lori

barry said...

The form is mainly for me to collect emergency contact information for everybody. Since there's all kinds of volunteers at the race Saturday, there's no need to have the thing filled out before then. I'm hoping to have plenty of the forms at the race along with pens and a collection box for filled-in forms.